Case study

Interactive Kiosk for showing 360° Venues for HKSI

Client: Hong Kong Sports Institute


The Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI) aims to provide an environment where sports talent can be identified, nurtured and developed to pursue excellence in sports. Other than sports facilities, the support given to athletes includes elite coaching and training, sports science, sports medicine, strength and conditioning, athlete affairs and education, applied research and sports information.


HKSI would like to produce a kiosk that can show its sports venues in 360° photos to the public while holding exhibitions or events.

An initial idea of HKSI is to show 360° photos in the kiosk. To link up all photos, we suggest designing a floor-plan that can let the public understand the venue structure of HKSI and watch the photos properly. HKSI appreciates and takes this approach for the kiosk.

Provided services

  • Creative Concept
  • UI & UX Design
  • Kiosk Development
  • Shooting Production
  • Technical advice
  • Analytics Solutions