Case study

Design and develop 60 HTML5 games

Client: Education Bureau


The Education Department was responsible for education matters in Hong Kong. They have an online platform named Web-based Learning and Teaching Support(WLTS) that was developed 20 years ago. There are many educational materials for the teachers and students, including some Flash games.

We helped them to convert 60 games from Flash format into HTML5 format because Flash format was no longer supported by the Internet browser.

Provided Services

  • HTML 5 Games
  • Responsive website development
  • Analytics Solutions
  • Creative Concept
  • UI / UX design
  • Animation Design
  • Illustration


Since those games were developed many years ago, their graphics and layouts were no longer in trend and user-friendly. In order to attract students studying knowledge efficiently on the games and provide the best learning experience for them, we have redesigned those games from character design, animation to UI & UX design.

Character Design

Those games were developed by different tenders and their graphic style was very different on each game. Therefore, we designed new character styles and put them into all the games, aim to create a harmonious, professional, and memorable image for the platform. Also, the character styles have slight differences between primary and secondary school because of age differences.